Photographer: Justin DeMutiis, our amazing
wedding photographer!

I grew up in the amazing, fantastic, absolutely beautiful state of Florida. Then I went to Boston. It turns out no one was interested in relocating MIT to Florida.. anyway, I spent the next four years of my life freezing and doing math. Now I am recently married and living in Florida again while working with my husband to start various companies! I especially love wedding stuff, baking and china. I am also obsessed with pink Miss America depression glass and furniture found at Habitat for Humanity! My husband "J" is still working on his enthusiastic response to both.

My Fun (Sometimes Common Sense) Approach
I love parties. I love planning parties. I do not love spending a fortune on parties because then I cannot have another party. I also do not believe in doing something just because it is expected of you (i.e. cash bars, plated suppers). Good manners and choosing a few ideas to devote energy and creativity will go a long way in avoiding tackiness. I think people having a good time and an absence of tacky makes for a great event.

Current Wedding Obsessions: Natural "gardeny" monochromatic floral arrangements

Current Party Mishaps: Not having enough serving pieces and resorting to mixing bowls (ah the life of newlywed entrepreneurs)

Favorite Life Tools: Bloglovin', Ebates, and Mint (and the Oxford Comma)

J's Response to Posh Purpose: this is going to affect your already questionable productivity

My Response to J's Response: Yes, yes it is :)