Thursday, September 18, 2014

Life and Blog Updates

Since I accidentally published my dream house/pinterest post the same time as Melinda's shower discovery yesterday we didn't have a planned post for today. However, my communication error gave us the perfect opportunity to write a brief "state of the blog."  

Have you noticed decreased consistency in our posting schedule? Melinda and I have been working hard to improve our blogging schedule while still sharing content that we find interesting (and hopefully you do too). We don't believe that filler posts will help us grow Posh Purpose readership. Starting last April, we decided to get serious by posting regularly and often. And we did! But recently it has been hard to find inspiration for Posh Purpose because our focus has been diverted.

Melinda is searching for jobs away from D.C. and I am desperately hoping to buy and move into a house. We both found it hard to embrace apartment living when Melinda hoped to be moving to a new city and I hoped to be moving into an old house with plenty of character. We have day long gchat conversations about all of our ideas for entertaining, decorating, building/renovating but little desire to put effort into our (wishfully) temporary situations.

All that being said, we are making a new efforts to enjoy where we are in our lives! Melinda is resuming her How to Host series since renewing her lease means she can fill her refrigerator again. I will continue emptying Habitat with my hoarding collecting skills. And perhaps I may finish another project? Let's be optimistic, at least for today.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Building My Dream House on Pinterest

Melinda and I recently reorganized our pin boards. Thank goodness we made it a group project, because sorting through thousands of pins is not a task to be tackled alone. We learned a lot about our tastes and how they have changed over our years. And yes, some pins were deleted due to those changing tastes.

Another outcome is my Dream House pin board. While I have a board for kitchens and a board for everything else that could be considered home decor, a few of my already pinned images jumped out at me more than the others. I decided to create the dream house pin board to discover potential themes in my absolute favorite ideas. My home decor madness pin board is all over the place in style and colors (although not many patterns) but the dream house board is much more cohesive. I would describe it as art deco with an industrial flair.

After choosing these pictures as a preview of my pin board, I realized they do not convey my love of color whatsoever. Apparently I pinned based on architectural qualities and obviously the shininess factor. I suppose imagine these shapes with the color scheme in my chair project post plus maybe some emerald green and navy. My tastes will continue to develop over time but at least I know I am capable of a cohesive vision for a dream house, should I ever build one.

Do you ever have self realizations via social media? Or are you off the black hole that is Pinterest? By the way, Mel and I love dream boards so please share your links!

Recently Spotted: Drummonds Freestanding Showers

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have seen my recent flurry of shower pinning.  I totally just discovered these amazing showers by Drummonds.  
Severn Shower
Image: Drummonds

Spittal Freestanding Shower with 8" Shower Head and Handset
Image: Drummonds

Spittal Freestanding Shower with 8" Shower Head and Handset
Image: Drummonds

I especially love the larger version and its beautiful set of double doors.   The water jets are built into the frame and has a shower head centered above.  According to the website, the showers can be installed in the middle of the bathroom.  The shower tray can be painted or finished in brass, nickel, or chrome.  However, it's best feature might be the distinct lack of grout lines to clean.  Squeegee-ing is preferable to grout maintenance.

Q: People, how are these not a thing?!?!?!?!
A: Because they start at £19,000 or roughly $31,000...

I guess that explains why the showers haven't popped up in all of our crazy Zillow real estate stalking.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

Remember the pineapple mirrors from last week? Well our family warehouse now has a total of eight instead of the original six. Melinda just couldn't resist so I swiped two more for her! We reject the term "hoarders" simply because it is unwise to pass up a pretty wood mirror for $10. However, we have yet to figure out how to transport those mirrors back up to DC.. But enough with logistics, let's get to the fun stuff!

Habitat always seems to have sewing desks. These desks usually have sewing machines underneath the top, which you flip around to expose. This desk was without machine and is pretty cute. It was priced at $15 and would make an adorable desk for a child's room.

This festive bag was $1.50. I almost grabbed it for myself. It was sturdy and colorful, what more could you want?

This dresser was $65 but needs refinishing so the price will probably drop before someone picks it up. The hardware on the top drawers is different. I like it.

I cannot remember how much this yellow living room set was priced but isn't it fun! Someone else must have agreed because it didn't last long on the floor.

This piece of furniture has been sitting in Habitat for weeks, probably because no one wants to pay $70 for it. Ask for a better price, shoppers! There were no weird smells and the cabinet doors open and close smoothly so it is not a bad find. It is just too much money right now.

You can always find these clear glass tabletop pieces around town. I think $1.25 for each is a bit much, but you can usually get a lower price if they have been sitting out for a few weeks and you buy the pile. These sorts of thrift store purchases are perfect for when you host parties with more guests than dishes.

Maybe I am crazy but I love these chairs. I would want to recover the tan leather (most likely) and the $25 price tag says go right ahead. I am resisting the urge to purchase because I already own more chairs than square footage.

Want to see more thrift store finds? We have a whole category just for that! We would love to see your finds, so feel free to share in the comments section. Or holler at us on twitter or instagram and hashtag it #ThriftStoreFinds.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Bits from Behind the Scenes: Carpets & Tea Carts

Mr. 3 and I signed a renewal lease for our apartment complex this past weekend. On one hand, we are disappointed that my job search in Richmond hasn't worked out, but, on the other, we are glad to stay in our apartment which I've enjoyed decorating and turning into our home.  When we signed the paperwork, my super helpful leasing agent said she could snag us free carpet cleaning since we were renewing the lease.  Um, what? A rental company offered something for free?  I quickly responded "Yes!" before she could change her mind.  I've been on top of wine stains and dropped food when they've happened at our parties (or you know, takeout in front of the TV).  However, during Mr. 3's bourbon party in January, we had an unfortunate incident where the sofa table behind the couch, which was holding two hurricanes with lit candles, tumbled over flinging white wax aaaaall over the carpet.  Vacuuming the dried wax did not work and I hadn't tried anything else to get the wax up, so, I hoped that the carpet cleaning would take care of the problem for me.

I spent Wednesday night and Thursday morning piling furniture in the kitchen and bathrooms because the cleaners won't move furniture.

I was told that the carpets would be dry by the time I got home, but no such luck.  After realizing that none of the furniture could be moved back in place, I suddenly had the urge to potty...sooooo I climbed over a formal dining chair and wedged my knees under the tea cart (which I use as a makeup table) I'd stowed away in my bathroom.

After that enlightening experience, I realized my food choices for dinner were going to be limited to whatever I could grab in the sliver sized opening of the fridge.  Luckily, that was hummus (instead of some suspect fruit that I've been meaning to throw away) and I contorted myself to grab some pita chips.  Also, no dice on the wax removal.  Looks like I'll be spending some quality time behind the couch with ice cubes and a scraper, which I have unsuccessfully avoided until now.  Glamorous, no?  Needless to say, I'm adding this experience to my list of reasons against wall-to-wall carpet.