Friday, April 27, 2012

Product Review: Victoria's Secret Sports Bras

In my quest for wedding weight loss, I've decided to share a few of the things that I've begun to heavily rely on for my workouts.

One of my former step aerobics instructors told me that your biggest investments in workout wear should be in 1) your shoes (we only get one set of natural knee caps) and 2) your sports bra.  As you work out, your upstairs lady bits are going to jiggle (some of us more than others) and as they do, the connective tissues that support your boobs will weaken (bad) and cause major sagging (ick!) if not properly supported by a good sports bra.  Whether you are well endowed or part of the IBT Committee, it matters not, boob sag big or small is sad.

Since I like my boobs to stay closer to my armpits than my belly button I have been on the search for a great new bra that would provide ample support for running, tennis (when I eventually start playing again), zumba, and step aerobics.  I have to say that I'm ABSOLUTELY in love with Victoria's Secret Runway Sport's Bra.

VS Runway Sports Bra
Image from Victoria's Secret
Your chest will not move.  I don't know what magic is woven into the fabric, but the fact that you can order by your usual bra size is so helpful!  It's got an underwire and some light padding (which helps avoid that awful smushed mono-boob look, hurray!).  It's also made out of a moisture wicking fabric which is waaaaay better than your standard cotton sports bra.

It's a bit pricey, so I've been trying to buy one new bra a month using one of those $10 off any bra coupons that come in the mail all the time (there's usually a free undie coupon attached as well).  As the bra band starts to wear out (which all bras do), you can adjust the back to get some more mileage out of the same bra.  The way I also like to look at it is that it is a $35 (with coupon) monthly investment to ward off a breast lift down the road (ick!).

Has anyone else out there found a great workout product that we need to know about?  Let us know!