Monday, April 30, 2012

Disturbed & Ill: Camo Tuxedos

Mr. 3 and I have been on the tuxedo hunt recently.  After a horrendous experience at Men's Warehouse (more about that in a future post), Mr. 3 put his foot down and said he would not be using Men's Warehouse no matter how much I loved the new line of Vera Wang (I'm not sure he actually knows who that is or would remember the name if you asked him...I'm pretty sure he more said "I'm not wearing anything from that store.")

So, we went over to Jos. A. Bank to check out their tuxedos.  I'll have to fill you in on the full adventure later, but I wanted to drop a quick PSA against this heinous monstrosity:

Jos. A Bank
(who one should ever order this)

Despite the cutie model, I almost threw up.   Mr. 3, an avid hunter, of course immediately loved it and even tried to bargain with me (can't we have two vests?).  This is why grooms are not allowed to go shopping without their future wives.  Besides the sheer tackiness of it, I would not want my future spouse coming to our wedding in anything that represents death.*  I'm surprised they didn't top it off with a bit of blaze orange as a pocket square...clearly Jos. A. Bank hasn't passed a hunter safety course.

*Full Disclosure: I eat meat and I wear leather and fur.  I'm also not against hunting; however, I cannot get behind camo as a fashion choice.   Sportswear: Yes.  Church Proceeding: No.