Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gummi Gate

I've been diligently working on my candy bar layout and design for the past month.  I've also started ordering candy supplies using a variety of sources (Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon mostly).  Since my wedding colors are pinks, metallics, with touches of green (or what K. Middles would have done had she wanted a color), I've been buying candy along that color scheme. Finding candy in the quantities I need at the prices I want has proven quite difficult.  I was really excited to learn that Amazon has a good sized selection of pink candy at reasonable prices and it also qualifies for free super shipping (shipping the goods can often cost more than the price of the candy!).

I ran across these strawberry gummi bears and while I didn't necessarily need 10 was the cheapest option I found.  I didn't read the reviews (mistake!), but I thought they looked pink enough...especially since I had searched for "pink candy" and it was on the list.

The gummi bears came yesterday....they are weird reddish color and definitely NOT the cotton candy pink like I had wanted.

Non-Pink Gummi Bears

I refuse to put them on the candy bar as it will throw the whole look off (I've also carefully been crafting up some pink decorations...check out tomorrow's post for an update), but I also don't think I want 10 lbs of gummi bears sitting around...I'm not even sure this is a task that my hungry office co-workers would be able to take on.  Amazon doesn't accept returns (and even if they did, the cost of paying return shipping on 10 lbs of returned gummi bears would probably give me back about $.01 of my original investment).

I had a quick panicked g-chat convo with Briana who suggested that I find a way to use them for something wedding related, but not on the candy bar.  I called my dear sweet Mama to tell her the scandal.  After talking to her, I decided to donate them to my bridal shower cause that her best friend Lena is hosting for me.  She seemed hesitant at first (probably she doesn't want to add to the effort Lena is already making as our host)...but after I promised that I would handle the portioning of the gummi bears into cute bags/containers, she decided it was a workable idea!*

All in all, gummi gate could have been a lot worse...they could have also been old hard gummi bears (don't worry I gave them a good squish to make sure they were fresh).  Moral of the story: don't trust your monitor when ordering candy online and read the reviews (I spotted a few reviews when I went back to look at my order and they mention the color not being right)!  I'm sure all the shower attendees will be quite excited when they get their sack o'treats weighing it at about 1/2 a pound each (cutely packaged of course).

What mishaps have you had for all things wedding?  Were you able to reuse/repurpose your buying mistakes?  Leave us a comment and let us know!  Also, any tips on candy websites with low shipping costs would be very much appreciated!

*My mama is a busy bee these days with all things wedding related.  Her list of projects include: addressing invitations, shopping for vintage plates (more to come on that), and making flower girl baskets, a ring boy pillow, and my veil (more on that later).  Plus the idea of 10 lbs of gummi bears to deal with is troublesome especially if you aren't a big fan of gummi bears to begin with.