Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding Decisions, Part X

I probably mentioned this earlier, but I instituted an April 1st deadline for Mother and I to make some big wedding decisions. When that day came and Josiah inquired as to what we had decided, my only response was "April Fool's!" We are bad with deadlines.. Anyway, Mother and I had a long conversation on April 2nd and have finally succeeded in making choices that we will not review anymore!

The ceremony location never changed - it will be at the First Baptist Church where I have attended for practically my entire life. Imagine a big, white southern church with lots of room for all of my many bridesmaids. The reception will take place in my back yard where we will be serving lots of tapas to incorporate both my southern heritage and Josiah's Spanish/South American background.

by Justin DeMutiis, my wonderful wedding photographer -
great view of the house

I am hoping that by having tapas and more mobile seating and even some quilts and pillows for the young and/or young at heart guests will make my reception a more comfortable and social event rather than what you get at a formal sit down supper. And let me tell y'all, it feels WONDERFUL having made these decisions! It may not seem like a lot to accomplish since late August, but that is because I chose not to bore you with every plan we have gone through. We have probably planned enough for at least three separate weddings.

I have planned a bit more than I've shared today, but I have not decided how much to keep secret - I love to be dramatic :) But I can share my current dilema: light vs dark bridesmaid dresses. How will I ever decide?!? Melinda makes this wedding planning stuff look so easy! Just wait til she blogs about her wonderful crafty projects!