Monday, April 9, 2012

Product Review: Non-Greasy SPF. Yes Please.

As spring comes along, I become much more vigilant about sunscreen (I'm not really sure why I assume those evil sun rays can't wrinkle my face from October-March), but I absolutely hate sticky/greasy sunscreen on my face.  I don't like the Crisco-esque feel and I usually just wear mineral foundation with SPF in it to compensate (which really is not the same thing at all).  I wandered into an Origins store recently with the vague idea of getting a day moisturizer and I came across this product:

A Perfect World™ SPF 35 UV Face Protector with White Tea
A Perfect World SPF 35
Origins, $29.50 
Origins has helpfully found a solution for my disgust for sticky sunscreen by creating a thin sunblock that is also infused with Origin's white tea moisturizer....which is quite possibly the best smelling skin product.  Ever.  I've been trying it out and I really, really, really like it!  I can wear it on top of my thicker moisturizer and under makeup with no problem and after about a minute or so, my skin absorbs the product.  I'm seriously in love with this product, but I have to see what happens to it when DC hits 102 degrees this summer and I'm hauling myself around the city trying not to stroke out.  Stay tuned....