Monday, April 2, 2012

Product Review: Aveda Blue Malva Color Conditioner

Much to my horror, my blonde highlights turned out brassy for the first time ever. BRASSY!!! I have never had this happen to me before out of my many, many years of traumatizing my hair. Since I get my hair done back home and was only there for a week, I did not have time to have the stylist fix it - very upsetting. Some of the strands were practically orange, which is definitely not my color.

Good news, though. I went to the Aveda store to buy their amazing Camomile Shampoo since it has always brightened my blonde highlights more than enough to justify the $31.50 price tag (I don't normally use this shampoo because my highlights are generally bright enough). However, once I was in the store the sales lady talked to me and suggested I try the Blue Malva Color Conditioner since it is specifically designed to lessen the brassy coloring. And since it is used like a mask, you can visibly see a difference very quickly.

Miracle Product

And let me tell you - this conditioner is AMAZING. After one use my highlights are just barely brassy. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who needs a quick highlight fix. The conditioner actually conditions well, unlike a lot of color products. My hair is soft and manageable and a much better color than a few days ago. It is totally worth the $18! I have never been disappointed by Aveda products, so definitely go talk to an Aveda salesperson to find out if there is a miracle product for you.

Posh Purpose does not receive any perks from Aveda or any other entity for reviewing this product. We will always disclose information of that kind :) This article was motivated purely by Briana's excitement and joy of no longer having orange highlights.