Friday, May 11, 2012

Kentucky Derby: A Break from the Wedding Chaos

Last week Mr. 3, Mr. 3 Senior, and I went to the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby races.  I dearly love a good horse race and it was a great time!  I needed a bit of a break from wedding planning and besides reading the most recent edition of the Knot magazine and dealing with a couple of vendor contracts on the ride to Louisville, I didn't do too much in the way of wedding planning.

Derby Day!
I love going to the Derby (this was my second year!) and getting dressed up for the occasion (I love hats...and they are a total necessity in addition to the preferred fashion choice).  However, some ladies (and I use the term loosely here) certainly need to work on their behavior and dress code...while at the Derby, I spotted (this is the short list of horrors):

1. A girl who had tucked an unidentified object in her underwear (which Mr. 3 decided was either a purse or wallet) which was visible through her tight dress;
2. A woman sitting on a bench with a short dress and her legs spread; and
3. A REALLY pregnant woman wearing a booty dress, hooker heels, and swilling mint juleps.

Exhibit 1
Foreign Object
To top it off, I got to see an older lady (because of the amount of skin damage and smoker's wrinkles I couldn't tell you how old she was...32-82 would be my guess) at the Hampton Inn continental breakfast in her jammies...without the appropriate undergarments, and clearly, she had never used the Victoria's Secret sports bra.

Now, I'm not a snooty social etiquette type of person, but I do not believe in safekeeping things in my underpants, letting the world see my lady bits, or fetal alcohol syndrome.  However, I will say that this was faaaaaar more entertaining that the most recent edition of the Knot magazine and dealing with vendor contracts.  What have you other brides been doing to get your mind off the stress of wedding planning?  Let us know!