Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bridal Shower Weekend and Amazon Registries?

I am so excited! Melinda's bridal shower is this weekend AND I will see her today AND I am going to her fitting AND I am checking out a favorite bridesmaid dress option for my wedding. Big weekend, I know :)

I'm flying into D.C. and riding over to Charlotte with Melinda and Mr. 3. We haven't seen each other in forever - hopefully Mr. 3 is in a good mood so he finds it easier to deal with a Melinda and Briana reunion during the long car ride. Melinda mentioned that he might leave us behind at a rest stop, but I am confident he loves her too much to leave her and she definitely loves me too much to leave me. We plan on chattering, crafting, and planning the entire way.

We are meeting up with my little sister in Charlotte which will only add to the (possibly only our) fun. She will be our bridesmaid model for the dress. Last time I had her try on bridesmaid dresses, she seriously looked good in everything.

Instead of sleeping, I have been redoing my registries every night for the past week. Crazy person.. but I made a huge discovery! Amazon is an authorized retailer of my flatware, sells it for less than Bloomies, and it is available with free amazon prime 2 day shipping. Bloomies gives a 10% discount after the wedding, but Amazon is still a better deal, especially for the hostess set. I will definitely have to check out my other items like my formal china and amazingly luxurious sheets :) Amazon now has wedding registries. Have any of y'all used it? I am tempted but I don't want to make one just for flatware, so it will depend on what else I find.

J and I may have some big news in the near future, so stay tuned!