I was born and raised in the great South, but chose to move to Washington, DC to go to graduate school in 2006.  Since graduating, I've been living in Arlington, VA and putting in my 9-5 every day.  I have an unhealthy obsession with Bravo and TLC reality TV, which includes a profound love for the Real Housewives and  Toddlers and Tiaras (I hope to attend a Glitz pageant someday). I love the occasional DIY project; although my favorite DIY project might be self tanning.  My handsome and loving husband (he wants to go by Mr. 3) has accepted my love of all things pretty and manages to still look interested when I explain my devotion to mercury glass, candles, and hydrangeas. 

My Common Sense (Yet Fun!) Approach to Living a Posh Purpose Life

I love making life beautiful for myself and my family and friends.  To me, that could mean creating a warm and welcoming home, planning a party to celebrate the small things, or making a beautiful flower arrangement.  While looking for the beauty in life, I pick and choose my ideas based on cost, quality, and time investment which means my furniture might come from a thrift store, my party might be a simple get together, and those flowers might come from the grocery store.

Odds and Ends

Home Design Obsessions: gold and black, cane backed chairs, green velvet, grasscloth wallpaper, chandeliers, and butler's pantries

Entertaining Favorites: mix and match china, fresh flowers, champagne!

Timeless Classics: Crystal, cashmere, and pink lipstick

Favorite Posh Purpose Posts:  How to Host, Thrift Store Finds, Product Reviews

Most Important Life Lesson Learned From A Toddler: "If you can't tone it, tan it!"