Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What to do When Your Wet Swiffer Pads Dry Out

J's parents came to visit for a day last week, so of course I spent the weekend leading up to their visit cleaning. Regardless of what my apartment looks like, I always do a deep clean before company arrives. This time, the apartment was in a bad state. Between being busy with work, spending a weekend at the beach, and not having space for my birthday gifts, things were out of control. Fortunately, J is quite fond of putting stuff away so I was able to focus on the actual cleaning bit. Unfortunately, my wet swiffer pads dried out!

Of course I waited until late Sunday night to start mopping the floor (the inlaws were arriving that very next day). But instead of running to Walmart, a place I despise like no other, I decided to get a bit creative. I have a spray bottle with white vinegar and water - about a 50/50 mixture - that I use in the kitchen. Why not use it on the floor?

I worked on about 6 tiles at a time, spraying them with the mixture, letting it sit for a moment, and then swiffering away. The dried out swiffer pad worked very well to clean up the floor after I added a bit of moisture, and I had the added benefit of vinegar. While this solution was not as quick and convenient as wet swiffering with an actual wet pad, it definitely got my floors clean. I actually think the floors are cleaner than they usually are. Perhaps the wet swiffering adds a film to the tile that the vinegar removed? Not sure, but at least now I don't have to toss my dried out swiffer materials!

Do y'all have any clever, last minute, cleaning techniques formed out of desperation? Or am I the only procrastinator here?

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