Friday, July 18, 2014

The Man Every Girl Needs

Pre-Mr. 3, I read a book on relationships and it described the different type of men women need in their lives regardless of who they are dating.  I don't remember the exact quantity or all the characteristics, but every girl needs a man who can fix things, a man who can dance, etc.  Your husband may fill many of the roles, but after this week, I've also decided every girl needs a Nordstrom shoe man (which probably isn't your husband or boyfriend).

I'm always going to the Tysons Corner mall and I tend to do most of my shopping at Nordstrom when I go. This past week, I swung by to check out the anniversary sale and see what's new for fall.  I walked over and I spotted the man who has helped me with all my shoe purchases over the last couple of years.  I've bought a few pairs of flats, wedges, and sandals from this man.  He spotted me too and even though I haven't bought any shoes in months, he ran right over to greet me.  He remembered my size (6.5 wide...aka the unicorn of the shoe world...or the more common 7) and promptly went to go grab the shoes I was admiring.  Now, Nordstrom is known for good service, but I swear I have never, and I mean never, had a salesperson at a chain store recognize me, let alone remember my shoe size.
This is what came home with me...6.5 wide!
Vala Bootie
Vince Camuto
$89.95 Anniversary Sale Price
$138.95 After
Image Source: Nordstrom

I decided to get the shoes to take home and try on with some outfits and my salesman told me if for any reason the shoes were defective or needed to be stretched to bring them back to him and he would take care of me without any issue.  Nordstrom has an amazing return policy (they will take anything back...tags, no tags, worn, not worn), but the salespeople don't generally broadcast its leniency.  He also told me that if I needed help picking out shoes, he could put suggestions together for me and have them waiting in my size to try on when I came in.  I feel like usually this type of service is reserved for the $200+ crowd, not my measly $90 pair.  I've also worked with other salespeople at Nordstrom and none have ever offered me this service.

Clearly, this man is a prince among shoe salesmen and made my shopping experience so easy.  I can't tell you how nice of a feeling it was to be remembered, especially since I'm not a big spender.  I doubt I will take him up on his personal shopping offer (evidently he offered this service to another customer and she walked home with 17 pairs of new shoes...that just sounds dangerous!); HOWEVER, this man knows his merchandise and it would be oh-so-helpful if I could have him point out the shoes available in my unicorn sizing.  I would be much more open to higher heeled shoes if I knew I could get them in a wider width.  Anyone else have a Nordstrom guy?  Share below!

***We were in no way compensated for writing this article.  We just like to share our opinions on all things shopping when we can!***