Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

Now that it is summer time, the thrift stores are quieting down. Fortunately there is still enough turn over (and overflowing warehouses) to provide us with entertainment.

This light fixture was not yet priced or hung from the ceiling at Habitat. The metal probably should have been a bit thicker to really get the look right, but it is unique.

This $75 table was in good shape and the legs are so pretty! I didn't ask if Habitat had the leaves in the back storeroom, but I do know they store leaves when available to maximize how many tables they can put on the floor. Always make sure to ask!

I see these chairs every few months around town. This one is priced at $35, which is right for Habitat prices but a bit lower than you see in our other thrift stores. The fabric had some staining but otherwise everything looked good.

I love old trunks but can't stand the smell of them. The one on top was $35 and the one below hadn't been priced yet.

These two lamps were $15 each. The tops are pretty ugly but the base is interesting. They need a new coat of paint and definitely the right space, which hopefully someone had because the lamps were bought up very quickly.

I found this round pyrex in the ARC. It was $10, which I think is a bit high, but the store was having a 50% off everything sale. I would have bought it for Melinda but I wasn't sure if round would work. She is on the hunt for a square, pink, vintage pyrex with a lid. Eventually we will find one!

And now for some weird stuff

Are you looking for fancy, funky pumps? Well the ARC is just the place for you!

Are you a Sigma Kappa? Melinda and I both are, which is why I snapped a picture of this sweatshirt at the Lutheran Church's thrift store. Picked fabric is included.

And my personal favorite: Oprah's face, four feet tall. The most outrageous part? The $100 price tag.

Want to see more thrift store finds? We have a whole category just for that! We would love to see your finds, so feel free to share in the comments section or holler at us on twitter or instagram

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