Thursday, June 21, 2012

Save the Dates have arrived!

My Save the Dates arrived! I ordered this postcard from Minted and I am really happy with how they turned out. Minted was super easy to use, the quality is great, and delivery was prompt. There was also a 10% off code on the front page that I could use towards my purchase. If you surf around the website for a bit, an offer to take a Minted survey will pop up and you can complete it for 10% off as well. Now Mom and I are trying to gather all the addresses - J was very prompt and filled in almost all his addresses about a month ago :)

Mom's good friend has offered to address the Save the Dates for me! I am so thrilled! I have absolutely horrible handwriting and hers is just so so pretty :) and it will save me a lot of hand cramps and frustration. She has always been happy to help - when I decided to theme my senior prom look after Barbie, she came over to help with the liquid eyeliner and ridiculousness that comes along with a pink mermaid ball gown.

I will post a picture in a few weeks once they have been mailed out. Crazy how fast things seem to be moving right now! Natalia and I are off to St. Petersburg for Melinda's bachelorette party today. Beach weekend! Natalia is in the process of baking wedding diet appropriate pineapple coconut cupcakes, apparently 65 calories per regular sized cupcake (does not include whipped cream on top) - will post recipe after the weekend!