Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finding Affordable Picture Frames

Mr. 3 and I have started selecting the wedding pictures we want to hand out at Christmas (spoiler alert!  sorry, Mom and MIL).  We also needed a few frames for the pictures we would like to hang up in our offices and apartment.  I wanted to find something nice to showcase our photos and to use for the gifts so I had my heart set on buying silver plated frames for everyone...which quickly added up when you need to buy multiple frames in the 5x7 and 8x10 size.  After some thorough researching here is what I came across:

Macy's Martha Stewart Frame Line
Average Price: $15 for 5x7s and $25 for 8x10s (when on sale!)
-Lots of options
-Usually on sale
-Can use coupons for even more savings
-Can usually be found in store and always online (look for free shipping codes!)

Bed Bath and Beyond - Sienna Brand Frames
Average Price: $15 for 5x7s and $20 for 8x10s
-Fewer options
-Never on sale
-Can use 20% off or the magical $5 off of $15 coupon
-Selection is limited in stores and shipping is only free for purchases of $99 or more

PhotoFrames.net - Verona Line 
Average Price: $12.50 for 5x7s $15 for 8x10s
-Large selection of silver plated frames (and they are tarnish free!)
-Cheap shipping ($5.99 for orders under $75 and free shipping over $75)
-Carries odd sizes (i.e. 5x5, 3x5, etc)
-Offers large selection of hinged frames for double and triple photo display

We went with photoframes.net.  I actually found even less expensive frames than the average price I've listed above.  I paid $8.99 for the 5x7s and $12.49 for the 8x10s and I qualified for free shipping.  This group wound up having the best deals and the biggest selection.  Also, because we needed a large volume of frames, I was worried that we would be traipsing around the DC area in search of stock at our local Macy's/BBB. The frames arrived quickly and well-packed!

Hope this helps with your Christmas shopping!  Now if we could only figure out which pictures we want printed.....