Monday, November 26, 2012

Wedding Party Troubles

A few weeks ago, J and I realized that one of his groomsmen was not planning on showing up to the wedding. I managed to not freak out about it and quickly adjusted my ceremony recessional accordingly. I was quite proud of myself.

Fast forward to Saturday night. J hears from another groomsman that he is backing out for various personal reasons - this groomsman was not making the wrong choice to skip the wedding, but that does not mean I appreciate such late notice. Keep in mind that this is one week before the wedding. One week! Fortunately I was able to email my stationary lady at A&P Designs before the programs were printed off to take this second bailing groomsman's name off. I had to make another last minute adjustment to the ceremony recessional. Now we have my Matron of Honor (Melinda) and my Maid of Honor (Natalia) walking with J's Best Man at the front of the recessional, and at the end I have paired up two of my nieces (one bridesmaid, one junior bridesmaid) with one of my nephews, a groomsman. While this situation is not ideal and totally not symmetric, I can live with it. I just hope it looks alright on stage despite being so off balanced. Good thing I am not a perfectionist!