Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Adventures at Habitat for Humanity

Mom and I went to our local Habitat for Humanity store and found some great furniture. If you don't mind sifting through some rather.. interesting stuff and you love a good project then Habitat may be just what you are looking for. Mom talked them down in price on a few items. She said to always check the price tag because it has the date; if an item has been out for a while, it is usually easier to get a better price. Check out some of our purchases!

Super cute chair for a little girl, $10
needs cleaning and spray paint, but is sturdy and has new fabric

Small bench, $15
Cushion needs to be redone, wood is in good condition and well built

Really long and low wooden bench, $15
Great shape, well made - Mom bought it before it had been tagged 

Two chairs, $20 each
Mom plans on painting the wood and recovering the cushions

Wooden magazine and book holder, $10
Good condition, Mom will probably repaint

1950s plant holder, $10
I bought this for something other than plants (maybe candles?) - it was just too cool to pass up! I will definitely be repainting it. It is put together with wooden screws and comes entirely apart.

My new dresser(?), $60
It is 6 ft long and a ton of fun. The veneer is cracked off, as you can see in the pictures below, so Mom talked them down from $75. I may put it in my future family room, or maybe the dining room as a sideboard. Of course, the first step is to acquire those rooms. 

Three drawers are behind the rolling slide piece on the left

The missing veneer can be repaired. I did not notice the missing veneer immediately, but if I do decide to have it repaired I know a man who can get a piece of veneer, stain it to match, and then place it on the furniture surface. I will keep you updated on my decision! Have you found anything cool at Habitat or someplace similar?