Monday, July 15, 2013

And Briana Has Moved Again

In the last life update, I had moved to Vegas and had one place setting of china in the apartment. Things have definitely changed, however. J and I have moved back to my hometown in Florida. J has started a company with a friend from MIT and has another project with my father. I have also recently became involved in a startup and I am so excited about it. More info to come :)

We are loving living less than 3 minutes from my two older sisters and my parents. My brother only lives about 12 minutes away. One of my sisters had a baby back in March, so you can imagine how much fun I am having. J has turned out to be quite the baby hog, which is pretty impressive considering that my family is already full of baby hogs.
J and Jillian Paige

We moved just in time to catch Melinda on her Florida vacation! Melinda and I had not seen each other since my wedding and we were definitely in need of some cousin time. She helped me pick out a rug for the front door (Florida sand is an ever present annoyance) and a pretty trashcan for the bathroom. Actually, she picked both out with very little help from me AND the trashcan was priced at a huge discount! Apparently, I do not look through the shelves as thoroughly as I should because I had not even seen it when I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond the previous week. I was actually so frustrated during that trip that I decided I would not buy anything until Melinda came to visit. She is such a great cousin :)

Melinda and Jillian

J loves working for himself and I love being in my favorite state. We are quite happy with the huge change. We are currently living in one of the cute apartments my parents own. While it is much smaller than our previous place in Vegas, I am making it work (we have a storage unit). While I don't love sleeping right next to a mobile garment rack full of my dresses, I do appreciate that I can vacuum the entire place with only one outlet - it is great not having to move the vacuum plug around! Small victories, right? I am looking forward to blogging about the apartment, and hopefully there is a house hunt in our future.

Now that the wedding and moving/packing/unpacking for two cross country moves chaos is over, I will be dedicating more time to Posh Purpose. Also, can you believe Melinda has been married for one year (and a day)! It does not seem like a whole year has passed!