Monday, January 5, 2015

Update from Florida

I'm so excited for Melinda to start her new job soon! She mentioned that I have news as well. Right around the time her job prospects were looking good, I discovered an adorable house that had just went on the market. Things have gone well and now J and I are in the process of purchasing it!

Between house activities and tons of traveling for Christmas Eve and the Orange Bowl (thanks baby sister!), I haven't had much time to create new content for the blog. However, I will be able to post quite a bit more when we officially own the house.

This isn't the first time big things have happened so closely in Melinda's and my lives. We also got engaged a few weeks apart and planned our weddings together. Hopefully we will be moving around the same time as well. Please excuse us while we take care of the less fun bits like packing/unpacking/organizing/cleaning!