Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ordering Dresses!

I am so excited! I just placed my order for my bridesmaid dress for Melinda's wedding :) Her shop is so accommodating and helpful to ship my dress in the same box as my sister's (assuming she ever gets around to filling out her form), which saves us $15. If you have a group of bridesmaids living in the same location, consider having their dresses shipped together to cut down on costs.

We have been so busy with our wedding planning that we have neglected the blog! Melinda has a big weekend ahead of her but I'm sure she will fill us all in over the next few weeks. I am still wading through bridesmaid dresses and have grown to hate them almost as much as I hate stationary. Melinda deals with the wedding decisions with stress, I with hatred. I calm her down, she makes me have fun. I'm so glad we are planning our weddings at the same time! It also helps that we are loaning each other wedding decor pieces ;) Cousin love is only made stronger through the sharing of mercury glass and tiered trays.