Monday, December 10, 2012

Changing Your Name

The time has finally come for me to make it official with the law and change my name.  Although we got married in July, I had so many travel reservations and plane tickets in my maiden name that I didn't want to change it until after I finished all of my 2012 travels (no reason to give those creepers at TSA a reason for a full body search).

Now I'm trying to decide what to change my name I keep my middle name or my maiden name?  I think my middle name is quite pretty, but I feel like keeping my maiden name is 1) something women do to support women's lib and 2) might make things easier in the transition over to married lady (i.e. using old checks or documents with my maiden name still on them would be easier to use if my driver's license and social security card at least still have my maiden name in it).

There's also the unfortunate problem with my new acronymn.  MCW vs. MAW.......

What do you think?  Any opinions?  It's pretty much a one shot deal, so I need advice!  Leave your comments!