Monday, December 17, 2012

Life After "But I'm the Bride!" is no Longer a Valid Reason

And I'm back :)

J and I had a great honeymoon at the Ritz in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The weather was lovely almost every day, so I spent my time alternating between laying by the pool and laying on the beach, both of which required a giant umbrella and lots of sunscreen. By lots of sunscreen, I personally used almost an entire tube of Neutragena SPF 45 in a week.

coqui chocolate
The Ritz Carleton was quite lovely and I have no complaints at all. However, I did notice a few things that led me to believe that the San Juan Ritz is not as nice as the one in Buckhead (lodgings of many childhood December trips and my bachelorette party weekend). For example, the turn down service people forgot to leave the chocolates more than once (gasp!) and sometimes a bath towel (still damp) would be left over after housekeeping came through. The chocolates were super cute, though! The wrappers (on the right) had a picture of a coqui, the same Puerto Rican frog that is very noisy in a pleasant, tropical way all night long.

life is so hard tanning while helpful people set up lounge
 chairs and umbrellas while serving you food on the beach

Now I spend my time "organizing" and "keeping house" - the apartment is a bit of a disaster, or as much of one as it can be given that hardly any of my stuff or wedding gifts are here yet and that there is very little furniture. I've learned a few important lessons: 
1 - drying towels on low takes forever. 
2 - drying a huge wad of sheets and then forgetting about them for a while will result in very wrinkled sheets. 
3 - ironing sucks, avoid it at all costs (learned this one as a direct result of #2). 

Now that I have imparted valuable and, I'm sure, quite unknown advice, I will follow this post up with a recipe I made the other night for supper. It was quite delicious (J's hot and sour soup was not) and I was able to use my new Staub grill pan! Also, since I will not be decorating for Christmas, please accept my new sister-in-law's Christmas decor blog post instead.