Friday, December 7, 2012

Sale Review: J.Crew Warehouse

On the way back from Thanksgiving in NC, Mr. 3 asked if I wanted to stop by the J.Crew warehouse in Lynchburg, VA to do a little shopping.  After gasping with surprise, I promptly put the address in the GPS (which much to Mr. 3's surprise, I knew by heart).  I had been to one of their retail store locations in the past, but not the location that is inside the actual warehouse. When we arrived, we saw 2 cops regulating traffic and people carrying trash bags across the parking lot.  My heart beat a little faster....we had accidentally come on a warehouse sale weekend! 

We went into the warehouse and were handed a price list and a trash bag.  The warehouse had been roped off around the conveyor belts and staff had set up long tables filled with boxes and racks of clothing.  I think Mr. 3 almost stroked out at the sight....bless his heart, I bet he regretted the offer at that moment.

To put it lightly, the organization of the sale was a hot mess.  It literally involved combing through boxes upon boxes of clothing for your size.  But the deals were TOTALLY worth it.  Here's a brief breakdown (going off my memory):

Flats - $20
Heels - $30
Short boots - $50
Tall boots - $70

Swimsuits - $5
Shorts - $8
Pants - $10
Trench Coats/Jackets - $25
Winter Coats - $70
Shirts - $15
Dresses - $20
Cashmere - $25!!!!!!
Bridesmaids dresses - $35!!!!!
Wedding dresses - $50!!!!!!

I wound up with 1 dress, 1 cashmere sweater, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of shorts, and 2 pairs of men's swim trunks for Mr. 3...which wound up being about $70.  Mr. 3 also bought me a puffer coat from the side store attached to the warehouse (they had my size hanging on the rack and it was easier to find than digging through all the boxes) for Christmas.

J.Crew is having another similar sale this weekend and you all should really check it out if you live within driving distance of Lynchburg, VA!  Totally worth the trip.

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Let us know if you have ever been and what you think about it!  If you know of any other similar warehouses around the country, let us know!  We love to travel...especially for a deal.