Friday, November 14, 2014

Boston Restoration Hardware Store

While in Boston last month, J and I visited the new Restoration Hardware store. The company renovated a very old building in my favorite part of Boston that I used to walk past all the time while attending MIT. I always wondered what was going on inside as I scurried to H&M. **Note: scurrying is necessary because Boston is perpetually frozen**

Here is a video if you want to learn more about the Boston store, but if you are like me and prefer pictures, just keep reading this page. I have been into plenty of Restoration Hardware stores and own a few things myself, but this was the first time their largest pieces actually fit the scale of the space. You should definitely visit if you have the opportunity.

figuring out how it was made
kids' section is in the basement

this is the only furniture that looks small compared to him

the famous ridiculously deep couch