Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Trick or Treater Let Down

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  I shared my fall luxe decor and inspiration board last week and Mr. 3 and I were really excited to have some trick or treaters show up last Friday night.

Based on the screaming, yelling, and occasional band practice (which usually involves off-key recorder recitals only) that happens on the playground behind our apartment, I thought we would be overrun with all manner of spooky and cute costumes...especially since Halloween was on a Friday night.  Mr. 3 was even convinced we weren't going to have enough candy and we ran out for reinforcements at 5:30.

There were a couple of grinches in our particular part of the building that had put signs on their doors that said "not at home" or "no candy here."  I didn't want the little ones to be put off, so I slapped a sign on the entryway that said "Candy Available in Apartment X...No Costume, No Candy" and also put one on the door to our apartment so we could be found.

Right at 6:15, the kids in the apartment downstairs ran up and knocked on the door.  I gave them two lollipops each...but I really should have given them an entire bag of candy a piece because they were our only visitors!

Mr. 3 was also put out and seems a bit concerned about America's future - what with their lack of get up and go hunt for free candy and I have a bowl of calories tempting me on our dining room table.  Trick or treat fail.