Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This is the Last Halloween Post, Promise!

Enjoy the final stages of Mother's Halloween decor!

Here is the foyer decor. As you can see, she added a lot to it. I could not manage to take a picture where the lights didn't appear pink so imagine the glow to be more purple and spooky. 

Mom hosts a chili and tostada party for the family and added friends. She decorate the dining room quite a bit since some of the adults eat in there. The room very easily adopts a spooky vibe, making it even more fun.

She made eyeball cupcakes for the kids. The baby swiped the package of eyeballs a week earlier and had a hissy because we wouldn't open it for her. She had lost interest by Halloween.

This ghost is hanging in front of my parents' bedroom in the family room. This room is too big and dark for most decorations to have an impact, so Mother went big for this corner. The family baby would not look at it! Very amusing.

 Mom wrapped two vases in our old trick-or-treat bags. The wiry thing is a giant marshmallow roaster that I gave as her birthday present a few years back. This is the first time she has actually used them, and clearly it isn't for their intended purposes. She found some strange decorations on clearance at Pier One that she ripped apart and wired onto the marshmallow roaster. Don't worry, you don't typically cook marshmallows with Made in China glittery bits flailing about.

Alright, I promise no more Halloween. Mom's party was great fun and the kids loved all the decorations. They also love cleaning out Mom's candy supply when they get back from trick-or-treating. And now onto the rest of the holiday season!

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