Wednesday, December 3, 2014

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

I'm almost done making all the Christmas gifts on my list this year, but I am starting to get worried about not finishing on time. J and I are going on our anniversary trip for 4 days, and then we are leaving the Friday before Christmas to visit family in South Florida up until Christmas Eve. This means I have significantly less time than I realized. I only have thirteen crafting days left! Eeek!

For those of you looking for last minute inspiration, here are a few of the DIY gifts I gave last year, plus a bonus gift idea from Trial and Error Creativity. All three projects involve objects you can easily pick up in Marshalls, Walmart, or Home Depot/Lowes and normal craft supplies.

DIY gold terra cotta pots were super easy and fast. The pots still look perfect after a year on my parents' back porch. That being said, they have also sat empty for the whole year so I can't say what happens if you plant something in them. Mother seems to prefer the pots as is.

This painted spoon project is also very easy, but you will need to prepare for a lot of drying time. My sister Bekah has been using these spoons for a whole year and the paint is still looking great. She even tosses them into the dishwasher!

My sister-in-law monogramed these glasses as part of our wedding gift. Aren't they great?!

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