Monday, November 28, 2011

Munchie Monday: Yummy Spicy Goodness in a Bag

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and recuperating from any Black Friday you might have gotten over the weekend!  As promised, I've brought to you a super yummy snack that may replace your popcorn as top food choice for a movie.  I wish I could say I came up with this stroke of genius on my own, but I'll gladly give credit to my former roomate (thanks Devi!).

I now present to you: Yummy Spicy Goodness in a Bag (don't judge)

Doritos - the red bag kind (for portion control, I suggest the grab bag size, NOT the family size)
Valentina Hot Sauce (this stuff is the real deal, it's made in the state of Jalisco, Mexico)
Tapatio Hot Sauce
Fresh Lemon
Sea Salt (optional)


For grab bag size, clip top of bag off with a pair of scissors.  Dump both hot sauces on chips. Squeeze lemon juice over chips.  Add salt to taste (and yes I realize that Doritos have an insane amount of sodium in them...that hasn't stopped me when I'm really craving salty foods).  Fold top of bag over.  Shake bag until chps are well coated.  Stuff face.

I recommend eating these with a glass of milk because this hot sauce is serious business and regular water does not cut it.  Don't knock this recipe until you try it.  EVERY single person that I have let try my concoction loves them.  Mr. 3 hates Doritos (gasp! how can this be!), so I substituted Doritos for Ruffled potato chips, which is a tasty option if the idea of the orange food coloring freaks you out.  If you prefer Mexican style, substitute pork rinds for the Doritos (I lived in Mexico one summer and they sell this treat in every gas station, bus stop, and food cart on the block.  Hard to believe, but it's authentic.).  I can't imagine a better snack than a hot spicy treat with some lemon thrown on top!  What do you think?