Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedding Planning Update!

After months of indecision, my wedding is finally taking shape. My mother and I kept going back and forth on many issues and struggled with our limited small town options. However, we now have most of the big items decided!
Hotel Jacaranda

The ceremony will be in First Baptist of Sebring, where I grew up, and the preacher doing the ceremony is also the one who baptized me. The reception will take place in the historic Jacaranda Hotel in Avon Park. Mom took J and I to lunch before Thanksgiving and we absolutely enjoyed the southern food!

I picked out my photographer a long time ago. Justin DeMutiis and his photography blog are amazing! J and I had our engagement pictures done while we were visiting my family for Thanksgiving (it was a very busy trip) and we loved working with him. I am so excited to see the engagement pictures and to continue working with him for the wedding.

J and I are currently working on our wedding website as I type. I have a huge aversion to making this website for some strange reason, so he is doing the typing :) Isn't he great?

Mom and I are so excited to get started on all the fun bits of wedding party instead of worrying about where we are going to put all the guests!