Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wedding Chaos!

Hi y'all! Sorry for the posts being so late recently. Melinda and I have been experiencing wedding chaos!

She has a venue, but no photographer. I have a photographer, but am very limited on venues. I want the reception to be in my parents' back yard, but in order to do so we must find a wedding coordinator. Mom and I have no desire to take on a DIY back yard wedding - we want to enjoy ourselves and not kill each other. However, the only coordinator in town might be occupied the day of my wedding! Oh, small town woes!

Anyway, I am remaining positive and reminding Melinda to do the same. And so I continue my search for a wedding planner/coordinator and Melinda emails and calls photographers. We are thrilled to figure out these big categories so that we can start having real wedding planning fun! And if you have any suggestions for Melinda's Virginia photography or my Central Florida coordinating needs, please let us know!