Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wedding Website, a la Google

At first, J and I started our wedding website at the Knot. While I'm sure that interface would work with most people, we became very frustrated at how limiting it was. I decided to check out Google Weddings to see what sort of website options they have. Overall, our experience has been great! I love the template we picked out, and it is pretty easy to operate. Also, we were able to buy our domain for very cheap ($4 for the year) from another source and use it on our Google site. When I was working on the Knot, it looked like I had to buy the domain from them for a much higher price or deal with I much prefer the more personal look of our own domain, especially for $4 rather than $15 or so!

The only issue I have with the site currently is that when I try to delete pages that I do not want, the template is uncooperative. The tab for that page remains, and is clickable. However, once you click on it you get a message that the page does not exist. It is a bit annoying, but it is Google so I'm sure there is some way to fix it.

As far as I know, Melinda has not started her wedding website yet. Since she has less time for planning, she has been focusing on the more time sensitive details, but look forward to hearing about her preferences in the future!