Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wedding Tip Wednesday: Save Those Envelopes!

I'm writing this as Mr. 3 and I head south for Christmas (7.5 hours in the car people!), but I figured this is a time sensitive post, so I wanted to get it out to all my favorite readers and brides!

dI've been getting stacks of Christmas cards over the past couple of weeks (hate wasting pretty paper?  see our Posh Purpose ideas for reusing/repurposing greeting cards here and here) and I've been saving all the envelopes with return addresses so I will have the most current address for my upcoming save the date/wedding invitation extravaganza!  I figure keeping these envelopes will save me a ton of time in having to call up my guests or stalk them on to find the appropriate address.

So as your cards come rolling in or you think about your post Christmas clean up, make sure to keep your envelopes in a central place instead of chucking them in the trash with the leftover egg nog, fruit cake, and mistletoe!