Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trousseau Tuesday: J.Crew & Blue Nile Sales!

If you still have a ton of shopping to do for Christmas, I highly recommend that you check out the sales going on at the J.Crew warehouse.  The daily specials are as follows:

I'm also super excited to see that J.Crew has a new location in Asheville, NC for all of our NC readers!  I love Asheville, so this is just another reason for me to pay a visit!

If you need to throw your man a clue or a hint for a sparkly present (and save him from making a gawdawful purchase, i.e. a tool of any kind or an unfortunate domestic goddess item*), check out this deal from Bloomspot (it's like groupon!) for gifts from Blue Nile, an online jewelry store.  Pay $50 for $100 in jewelry or $250 for $500 in jewelry.  All diamonds are certified and conflict free, metals are sustainably sourced, and each item comes with a lifetime guarantee.  You must order by December 16th for Christmas delivery, but the deal doesn't expire until March 31, 2012 (making it ideal for any men who like to plan ahead for Valentine's Day!).

Tell me....have you found any good deals out there?  If so, share, share, share...I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping (no hate mail please), but I'm always in the market for a personal present at a good price!

*Domestic goddess item: any appliance or product involving cooking or cleaning, i.e. an iron, skillet, blender, steamer, or vacuum