Monday, January 9, 2012

Munchie Monday: SEC Showdown!

Southern Living always has great gameday recipes themed for the SEC schools, so you can imagine how excited they were to have both teams in the National Championship be from the SEC. In honor of my preferred champion, here is Southern Living's LSU gameday meal. I'm super excited to cheer on LSU and will be feasting on Tiger Bait Red Beans and Rice. I will be using brown rice instead of white (more nutrients) and making the creole seasoning with this recipe rather than buying some from the store. My only regret is that Bama will be Tiger Bait rather than Gator Bait.

Geaux Delicious!

For those of the Crimson Tide, Southern Living has not abandoned you. Check out their meal here! And regardless of your stance, I'm sure we all had a peaceful night's rest last night knowing that the National Championship would be won by an amazing SEC team for the sixth straight year :)

BTW, yay Tim Tebow and the Broncos for winning the first playoff game last night! Also, if you are a football fan you should def check out this great blog - it is super informative about those pesky rules you may have missed out on while screaming at the refs/players/coaches :)