Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Munchie Monday: What's in the Pantry?

Sometimes the cooking inspiration fairy skips over me. My usual solution is to run to my cousin Melinda or mom for help. But what to do when neither is available to rescue supper?!

Now I can use www.myfridgefood.com. This site is super helpful - you just enter in your ingredients and it gives you a list of recipes that you can try out, meaning no last minute trips to the store or letting your fiancé/husband/children starve!

Also, my new favorite way to end a meal is eating grapefruit and bananas. Grapefruit is in season so look for the fruit from Indian River, Florida as it has the best flavor and tons of juice. To pick a grapefruit, you want to smell it. It should have a strong citrusy smell and not be too too squishy. Flattened spots and dents are perfectly fine as long as the rind has not been punctured.

So to make it: Right before eating your meal, cut two grapefruit in half and scoop out the sections with a grapefruit spoon (a necessity for citrus lovers). Squeeze the remaining juice into a bowl with the fruit. Then slice up three bananas and throw them into the bowl. It is ok if the bananas are less ripe since the acid in the grapefruit juice makes the banana slices softer. The juice will be sweeter than normal and a bit banana-y. Let the fruit sit while you eat your meal and then enjoy!