Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trousseau Tuesday: Design Your Own Jewelry

Whether you are looking for a new piece for yourself or a gift item, I've just discovered a great resource for jewelry! Erin Gallagher's Gembar has reasonably priced and very pretty jewelry designs that allow you to customize the stone and the metal of every earring, necklace, and bracelet.  If you are looking for a necklace, it allows you to select the type of chain and length.  For earrings, you can choose what type of backing you would prefer.  The options I liked the Violet necklace started at $85 and the Cameron earrings started at $70.

violet design your own necklace. choose stones for final pricing<br />
<br />
price range:     $45 - $92.50<br />
<br />
Violet Necklace, $90 as pictured
cameron Customizable earrings.  Design your own earring for the perfect personalized gift
Cameron Earrings, $90 as pictured

The webiste also has a bridal section that allows you to search for jewelry based on your wedding colors or dress neckline.  Brides get a 10% discount off of a purchase of 4 or more items and shipping is free for orders over $150 for everyone.  Happy customizing!