Friday, January 27, 2012

Fresh Idea Friday: Design Your Own Bedding

As I pour over the home goods for my registries, I find I have become obsessed with certain type of items.  I tend to put way more than I need, but  Briana has been really good about going through and telling me I don't need 12 juice glasses aaaaaand 12 water glasses or the super expensive copper core stock pot (a regular stainless steel accomplishes the same objective for about a third of the price).  However, one of my particularly troublesome areas is bedding.  I love layering a duvet, a quilt, and sheets with an optional extra blanket during the winter.  I'm also a sucker for shams and pillows...I think every bed needs a set of pillows with shams, a set of pillows with cases, and a toss pillow or two.

Unfortunately, I have had a really hard time finding bedding that Mr. 3 and I can both agree on.  The man loves his blues and greys, whereas I prefer brighter colors like green and yellow in the house.  After much discussion, we found one set of bedding that we both love and one set that he can at least live with, so both of our beds will be covered in wherever we wind up living together (apartment hunting its ongoing).

I might have been able to avoid this whole discussion if I had known about this website, InMod, which allows you to design your own bedding and toss pillows.  You can selected from a variety of prints, fabrics, styles, and sizes (they go up to a "super king", which I believe is their version of the California king).  Prices start at $160, but when I built my bedding using a silk dupioni duvet cover, mine was $494 for a queen sized duvet and king sized shams.

More later on my eensy, weensy addiction to glass...