Monday, January 30, 2012

Grocery Shopping Made Easier

Since I despise cold weather but still in Boston, J tries to limit my outdoor exposure. One way he does this is by going to the grocery store on his way back from work to grab any last minute things we may need for supper. We used to have some communication issues, though. We are both forgetful and use a variety of mediums to discuss the grocery list which can complicate matters - sometimes he will miss a gchat from me or I will send an email with my list of grocery requests but he wont check until it is too late.

To solve all these problems, we use the Grocery IQ app on our phones. We can both add to the list (or multiple lists, since we shop at a few different stores) and our phones update the list automatically. It is so efficient to have one syncing location for my grocery wants! Our lists are also available to view and edit online, and can be emailed/printed out/etc - great functions for those who are without smart phones or prefer hard copies.

We had one minor mistake over the past few weeks while using the app. I added pita bread to the list on my phone and J's phone did not update quickly enough for him to purchase the pita. It was a sad day, but not the end of the world since I wanted the pita for the next day. Other than the sometimes slow syncing, I love this app and definitely recommend it to all who have lovely and amazing grocery shoppers! It is also good for roommates who are unavailable for shopping when you are desperately in need of milk :)