Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trousseau Tuesday: Men's Suits

J is buying a suit for our wedding because he is abnormally proportioned and can't wear anything rentable. Due to his proportions, this suit must also be made to fit. Good news is that quality suits have long lifespans.

We have visited many suit shops, from discount stores to Neimans, and have pretty much settled on Brooks Brothers. They are having a Made to Fit special during the first weekend in March, where all made to fit suits are 20% off. Brooks Brothers has a ton of different fabric options and cuts. We will be going with a more fitted style - I much prefer this look over the more boxy American styles.  And remember: he crisper the folds, the better!

Look for a lightweight wool if you want an extremely versatile suit. Many people say go for black if you only want one, but I think that is outdated. I would much rather have a navy or charcoal grey suit. These colors are still formal but so much less stuffy.