Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend of Deliciousness & Happy Birthday J

This past Friday was J's birthday (as well as one of my nieces - love you, Gabriella!) so I cooked up my cast iron fried chicken and gravy, along with spoon rolls and canned green beans simmered in chicken broth, vinegar, black pepper and garlic powder. I found the spoon roll recipe on Southern Living and they turned out alright (I did not measure the salt and probably should have added more than I did). They are cooked in a muffin tin and are super fast to make up - great for a party! The texture is a bit odd when you are mixing up the batter, in case you want to try it out :)

We went up to visit Josiah's brother and his wife where we had some Mexican food for supper - it was surprisingly good for the Northeast. Sunday morning, we had biscuits and sausage gravy, lots of fruit, bacon, eggs, and some potato mixture cooked in bacon grease and onions. Talk about a feast! J definitely loved all the delicious calorie laden food. According to facebook, J had an amazing weekend full of celebrating his 23rd birthday. He lies about his age :)