Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wedding Suit Decision: Made!

J placed the order for his wedding suit pretty recently, as I mentioned earlier. It is absolutely wonderful to have one less (semi) major thing to think about!

We had a wonderful experience at the Boston Brooks Brothers location - since it was the 20% off Made to Measure special, Brooks Brothers had sent in two specialists who were extremely helpful and friendly. They helped us narrow down our fabric selections to one, make all the ridiculously detailed decisions neither J or I had been aware of, and offered general guidance for his growing adult appropriate wardrobe. And even better, they extended the 20% discount to  go towards a sport coat when J's suit arrives. The discount is only for one or two weekends out of the year, but Brooks Brothers is in for the long game (especially since J cannot buy off the rack). The specialists immediately picked up on J's reluctance to make another large purchase that day and so they told him not to stress and made a note in his file along with their fabric suggestions (taking into account the Southern climate and versatility in all seasons). I am so very excited, because I have been telling him he needs a sport coat for a very long time and the 20% discount will be strong motivation for him to finally take the plunge :)

While my attire is under strictest security, J's is not so I will share. One of the few constant visions of my wedding is grey menswear. It is probably due to the love all good southern girls have for the Confederacy, which makes it even more amusing that my Ohio-raised fiance will be wearing grey. However, I justify this to myself by remembering that his family did not come to the United States until after the War of Northern Aggression. J being his infinitely sweet and cooperative self agreed to buy a grey suit.

We chose a thin not quite charcoal grey herringbone lightweight wool. Brooks Brothers allows all kinds of customizations, all of which are free of charge. J chose an extra inner pocket for glasses (he says sun, I say eye - he is being so stubborn about getting new eyeglasses!), a special loop for the tooth of the belt to hold it in place, hand stitching along the outside of the lapels, just to name a few! The suit is also getting a special striped lining in MIT colors. It was not my first choice - despite it coordinating very well with our fabric, I do not like red. However, J really loved it and since it is so rare to see him get excited about clothing I decided to let him have his MIT themed lining. Of course, I made him promise that the lining would not show in any of our wedding pictures unless I give him permission for a specific shot. The specialists at the store kindly (and strongly) suggested to J that he keep his suit buttoned at all times.

The tailor took tons and tons of measurements to achieve the very fitted look we wanted. J estimates at least 30 different measurements, including the length of his thumbs. The tailor also found a way to make non-pleated pants (my choice) feel comfortable for J (his choice). Every time J gets measured, people stare in awe. I suppose a 6'4" man with a 6'10" wingspan is a bit of an oddity :)

Overall, we really enjoyed our Brooks Brothers experience and I 100% recommend it to anyone who wants or needs a custom made suit. Everyone was truly helpful and accommodating and totally not pushy at all. You can ask your local store when the next 20% deal weekend will be - they are very upfront with the information. And the price they give you at the beginning is the overal price, no matter how many custom details you add. In the end you will receive a completely custom made outfit. I am happy to answer any questions! I know things like custom made suits can be intimidating at times, so feel free to ask - or share any of your experiences with menswear for weddings or otherwise!