Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cute & Cheap: Mercury Glass Votives

I recently found some super cute mercury glass votives on the clearance rack at Sur la Table.  Not only were they cute, they were sooooo cheap.

I'm planning on using them on the patio until it gets too cold to sit outside and then I'll bring them in for Christmas decorations somewhere else in the apartment.  I only bought two because I plan to mix the votives with some I spotted at Pottery Barn that I'm patiently waiting to go on sale.

Always check the Sur la Table clearance rack, it's the oddest thing, but sometimes I find the same stuff that is full price on another shelf in the store and deeply discounted on the clearance shelves - no defects or anything.  I bought two espresso spoons that were being sold for $3.95 on one shelf and $1.99 on the clearance rack.

What do you think of Sur la Table?  Impressed or overated?