Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Habitat Chairs Revamp

As Melinda mentioned earlier, I am in the process of redoing a set of dining chairs. We bought five of them for $80 (J talked them down, I have no bargaining skills) at our local Habitat for Humanity. Currently, they are veeeeery 70s. Prior to this purchase, I only had two dining chairs to my name, given to me by a very stylish aunt.

My plan is to take them from orange and brown to a rustic French country glam combo. Wish me luck!

groovy stripes
I will be recovering the seats in natural canvas painted with gold (shade yet to be determined). The chair body will be plum to go along with my dark dark dark navy table (another revamp project yet to be completed). Mom and I are experimenting with homemade chalk paint, as well :)

Costs and Supplies
Chairs $80
Canvas $20
Gold Paint $6, three bottles
Plum Paint (~$10)
Chalk grinds $0, already own
Furniture wax $0, already own
Staples and Gun $0, already own
Total = $116, or about $23 per chair