Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The White Wall Blues

I've got lots and lots of white wall space to decorate.  Since I'm in an apartment painting isn't really an option.  I present you Exhibits A & B...blah and blah-er:

These pictures were taken before we moved our furniture in...but you can see the large amounts of white walls I have to work with...in combination with the white carpet and vertical blinds (ick)...it's a lot of white!

We have all of our old pictures and artwork that we can still use and I want to get a few pictures up from our honeymoon.  I've decided to do to a collage using shelves.  I looked around for different examples.

Holman Picture Ledge
Image Source: Pottery Barn
West Elm Deep Wood Picture Ledge
Image Source: West Elm
Image Source: Apartment Therapy
Image Source: Two Twenty One
The Apartment Therapy example is my favorite because of the large images and how each photo still stands on its own even though it's grouped with so many others.  I included a couple of options for the picture ledges...but at $29 for the cheapest and also shortest shelf it's a bit out of my price range for the amount of space I need to cover.  A quick google search turned up a really inexpensive option from IKEA:

IKEA Ribba Picture Ledge
Image Source: Ikea
Image Source: Ikea
Since I can't paint the walls, I'm thinking about painting the shelves instead.  I'm putting a mix of different frames and other small items so the paint would be very subtle maybe a grey or soft blue.  Anyone else ever put together a picture collage?