Monday, October 7, 2013

Product Review: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

The Issue: I wrote last week about my amazing experience with the Josie Maran Argan Oil.  I mentioned how chapped my lips were, but didn't get around to telling you what I did to fix 'em.  Let me tell you, Burt's Bees didn't cut it.

The Product: Fresh brand lip balm.  I had gotten two sample sized chapsticks as a part of my birthday gift from Sephora for being a VIP member.  These aren't ordinary chapsticks, made by Fresh, they call them "a sugar lip treatment."  One was a clear color and the other a pink tinted balm.  They are filled with all sorts of good for you vitamins, SPF 15, and leave out the icky stuff (parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, etc).
Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15
Source: Sephora
The Regimen: Exfoliate lips at night and in the morning using a dampened washcloth and gentle back and forth movements.  Apply Fresh balm morning, noon, and night.

The Verdict:  Hands down the best lip treatment ever.  This is a bit of a cheat.  I had known that this stuff would work because I loved it so much last winter; however, I had only seen it in action on last year's regular winter lips.  What I had on my hands was lost in the desert for 5 days cracked lips.  Seriously, seriously baaad.  At $22.50, I wasn't sure about spending that much on lip balm.  Mr. 3 asked me if it would really work and when I said yes, he said $22.50 sounded good to him to take care of the problem....that's how bad they were, a man felt like that was a small price to pay to get rid of the problem.  Luckily, my lips were back to normal in about 4 days.  I got the Rose color which looks great and smells yummy.

Have you tried this product or brand before?  What did you think?