Thursday, October 31, 2013

Habitat Strikes Again

I went into Habitat for Humanity at the beginning of this week to search for gift ideas. My siblings and I are giving each other $5 gifts for Christmas - the rule is handmade or used, not new. It is a lot of fun to get creative about how to make thrift store stuff work for so many different people (Each couple is buying 6 gifts!). I bought a $2 gift item, but also discovered a new piece of furniture I just had to have. But I resisted!

Until yesterday... I went back with J, hoping it would still be there. We had a minor moment of panic when we didn't immediately see it, but good news is that nobody had bought it yet. Let me introduce you to my $15 end table/nightstand:

Please excuse the poor lighting and ugly flooring. Habitat is not known for their lovely decor. The entire thing needs to be sanded down and restored, but the drawers are so unique and the hardware is awesome. And you can't beat $!5. I am so excited to get started! Of course, I still have to finish the chairs and this weird thing:

I am also working on a wreath with glitter and magnolia pods. J said I need to finish at least one of my current projects before I can buy any more Habitat furniture. He just doesn't get it :)