Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bits from Behind the Scenes: The Chairs that Got Away

On the subject of thrifting remorse:

From: Melinda
To: Briana
Subject: So we can mourn together...

Source: One Kings Lane
THOSE chairs are the exact style of the ones that were left behind in Richmond.  Except mine were dark wood and black leather and the seat needed to be replaced on one.

idk if I adequately described them before so you could get a true picture of their glory.  and now you know why I literally had to run away from them before I lost my mind and stuck two chairs in a rental car with no place to put them in our apartment.

feel free to have a moment of silence.


To: Melinda
From: Briana
Subject: RE: so we can mourn together...
You have a lot more will power than I do. Those chairs would be stuck on the end of my bed if I had no other space.I will have a moment if silence as I drive to habitat with mom

To: Briana
From: Melinda
Subject: RE: so we can mourn together...

that emailed response is exactly why we are besties, partners in crime, and thrifting soul mates.