Monday, September 8, 2014

Posh Purpose Tip: Get the Most Out of Your Aeroccino

Briana and I are both huge fans of our Nespresso machines and I loooooove my Aeroccino milk frother that Mr. 3 bought me for Christmas.  The Aeroccino is capable of making both hot and cold milk froth which is awesome for lattes!  BUT I also like heating up milk in the Aeroccino for hot chocolate because it makes the perfect amount at the perfect temperature.

Nespresso Aeroccino
Image Source: Nespresso
This past weekend, I really wanted some hot tea.  I typically use a tea kettle which takes a bit of time and usually makes the water too hot to drink my tea right away.  I got the bright idea to heat the water up in the Aeroccino instead since I knew it had made the milk the exact temperature to immediately enjoy hot cocoa.  I know this isn't exactly rocket science, but, honestly, I had never thought to try it before!  It worked perfectly to make my little cup of tea and I certainly like getting the most out of my kitchen gadgets!  Anyone else have any uses for the Aeroccino or suggestions for other double duty kitchen gadgets?