Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween Runners for the Mantle

My mother loves decorating for Halloween probably more than any other holiday, including Christmas. She hosts a party for the whole family before trick or treating starts where we all eat chili and pregame on candy. It gives us a chance to admire all the kids' costumes and take pictures of all the cousins.

This year mom decided she needed new decor for her mantle. She found a lot of great stuff at Marshalls, including two table runners. She had the idea to combine them into one piece to lay over the mantle. And since I have been sewing for long enough to master straight lines (at least in short distances), I put the thing together.

This project was super easy. The black lace runner you see going along the length of the mantle went untouched. The orange witch feet runner was cut in half, after triple checking because we are a family of perfectionists. Then all I had to do was borrow my sewing teacher's serger to bind the cut edges, roll the stitching under, and sew the orange pieces to the black piece with a straight line. See, super easy! 

These pictures are not of the final product. There are rolls of tulle and ribbon that are lying about and Mom needs to snip the white tag out of the black runner in the corner. However, I decided to share early since there is a limited amount of time for holiday DIY inspiration. Do y'all have any Halloween projects in the works?

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